When Anxiety Hits

Okay, I know we all experience Anxiety, but geesh! This morning though, was tough…as a therapist, I practice all the techniques to manage my Anxiety… but what do you do when it feels overwhelming? What do you do to effectively manage the beast of Anxiety? I typically do lots of breathing, relaxation, meditation and exercise. I also have tried medicines to help (which temporality work)! Overall, understanding the triggers or original sources of your Anxiety is also VERY helpful. My source of Anxiety is stress and Money/business. I have a business that I am trying to grow and think about this daily (all day) lol. This causes massive Anxiety for me…we ALL want to do well and be great and ensuring you have appropriate balance in your life is imperative.
Overall, explore the triggers to your Anxiety and find ways to effectively manage these triggers, such as deep breathing techniques, exercise and meditation, thus combating Anxiety. Its also helpful to see a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist to determine if your Anxiety is more clinically related. There can definitely be a biological factor related to your Anxiety. Take care of yourself and practice self care techniques!

Modern “Renaissance” Moms…balancing maintaining a home life, work and you time!~

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Ohhh, so you ask, what happened to the one income households? Well…im going to say, for us, it was life and the economy happened that’s what! Im here to talk about how you can balance your career, parenthood and womanhood (thats if you want, and without loosing your mind ugh). Come with me on my journey to find ways to manage having a personal life as a mom, wife and save money for yourself and your family without pulling your hair out (notice I didnt say it was easy) smile!